Red rocket and I head to France to her new owner, what an emotional journey…

I had contact with a lovely guy from French France who replied to my advertisement and wanted to buy my beloved red 2009 Vito. We exchanged emails and photos and messages until we agreed on a price and then he was looking for a delivery company to collect the van so I offered to deliver her for an additional 300 Euro, I love France.

Well with hindsight I really should have asked where he was in France. Cos he lives in Biarritz which is a long way from the world right down in the south west corner of France next to the Spanish border! Amalfi to Biarritz is a mere 1850km. I left Roma on Monday morning and headed north, that evening I checked into the Ibis Styles in lovely Nice for food and rest. Tuesday I continued west but progress was very slow as many pieces of the trip were on small roads passing through lovely towns with some motorway stretches, so late that late afternoon I checked into a hotel in historic Carcassone, raining heavily when I arrived and raining still when I left early the next morning.

On Wednesday I arrived in lovely Bayonne next to Biarritz, which is very famous for surfing as it is on the Atlantic. My new mate Christophe and his lovely lady walked to my hotel from the train station so we had a good chat and then we walked back to the train station as I had parked the Red Rocket in the station multistorey car park. They were both happy at how good the van looked for a 13 year old vehicle cos I have always kept her well (despite these 3 days of road dirt) and I explained everything I knew and remembered about the Vito.

I then drove the three of us back to my hotel and Christophe made the bank transfer for the outstanding balance online which arrived in my bank account within 1 minute so now the van was his! I gave him the spare van key with all the rest of the stuff like documents and that, as they say, was that after a wonderful 13 years together!! Some pics follow.


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