Motorcycle downsizing. It comes with advancing “maturity”….ok age

As I become more mature, today’s big bikes are just too powerful for my reactions and my ability, especially the sports bikes which are now making over 200 bhp. I purchased a beautiful 2015 60th Anniversary Yamaha R1 last year as a “last” big bike but she proved far too much for me so I sold her on, shame.

I have therefore started to move my bike fleet down in terms of capacity and performance. I traded a lovely Yamaha FZ1 back to Martin and sold my Honda VFR1200F too. I now have TWO 250 single cylinder bikes, a Honda CRF250L and a very recently purchased Yamaha WR250X. Pics of both follow below and I already love them both! The Honda has the off-road 18/21 inch wheels whereas the Yamaha has the 17″ road wheels and tyres, otherwise they are very similar. The Yamaha is 2010 vintage and in great condition with only about 16k kms on the clock whereas the Honda is 2018 with only about 9k kms. Suprisingly the older bike looks much younger as the WRs were manufactured in Japan and the materials used were TOP, this meant that the sales prices were very high at the time, MUCH higher than the Honda. My CRF was manufactured in Thailand and the quality is less impressive and mine, from the UK, has many signs of rust around the bike.

AND the other major difference between the two bikes is the power! The Honda makes 22 horses which is probably now about 25 following the rechip, whereas the Yamaha makes 30!!!


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5 thoughts on “Motorcycle downsizing. It comes with advancing “maturity”….ok age

  1. I’m reminded of the Road Bikers’ (you know, pedals and lots of sweat) oft repeated answer to the question “how many bikes should you own?”: n + 1, where n is the number of bikes you already own. Boys must have stuff!

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  2. The reason your down sizing is because the road where you live in the Amalfi aren’t really good enough for the bike you really enjoy riding. Whilst I was there delivering your R1 I was shocked by the roads 90 degree and 180 degree bends on narrow roads aren’t suitable for a R1 or any big bikes. Your Tmax is more suitable but the CRF and the Wr are far better nice and light easy to handle and more suited to the road conditions think your down sizing is one of your better decisions 👍👍🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️

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  3. Someone once asked my wife “Why does your husband need more than one motorcycle?”
    “Because he does!” she replied!!
    I am so lucky!👍👍
    I get the idea of downsizing motorcycles, done it myself, but those seats look quite uncomfortable!!!🤣🤣🤣


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