Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience

The City of Le Mans is stunning with a beautifully preserved old town full of bars and eating houses. Our Hotel LePrince was also a great discovery inside a renovated area of the town with several bars and attractions as well as an art exhibition and a wellness spa attached to the hotel. And the Le Mans race track is wonderful and the event was organized FANTASTICALLY well by the French, simply everything worked 100%.

(If only the weather had been a bit kinder but hey, you cannot win em all eh??)

As planned Brian the Barnes arrived at the hotel at about 1140 on Saturday morning, he was cold and wet following heavy rain in the UK and in France so he was totally ready for a beer or 3!! We had our traditional can when he arrived and then he started to recover as he removed his waterproofs and boots and stuff which we hung on the warm radiator in the bathroom. Then the beer flow really started as you can imagine.

The weather on Saturday was awful very cold and wet so we took an official race decision to er stay home and watch the race live on TV!!! PERFECT. A really good decision we both agreed. Out for dinner in the old town and a long walk around the city were next given that the rain had finally stopped, then back to continue the race. How these guys can race all night is totally amazing. They have three riders to each bike and eacfh session is about an hour.

Sunday morning we were up early and when we saw that the weather was good we were raring to go so we took Brian’s bike and rode to the track, parked the bike and headed in. Lovely circuit, MANY spectators and brilliant traffic organisation and parking spaces for bikes, totally civilised. We walked round and visited the paddock with our VIP passes then one hour before the finish we rushed “home” to see the finish on TV and thus understand the race order. The YART Yamaha R1 in second was catching the FCC Honda and indeed finished only 2 laps behind after 700 odd laps and 24 hours!!!! SUCH a shame that they had an early off and thus lost many laps making repairs.

Wonderful weekend eh Brian mate???? A few pics follow.


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8 thoughts on “Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience

  1. Great weekend great ride I left home about 2.00am Saturday morning and headed for the channel tunnel. The ride down was wet but that’s one of the joys of motorcycling. I got on the train at 5.32am and headed to france 🇫🇷 the journey across France was similar to my journey to the train rain all the way not nice. I arrived at the hotel about 12.00 o’clock to be met by Simon with a beer in each hand one for us both and how enjoyable and welcoming that was. We had a great day Saturday out for lunch then back to the hotel to watch some of the racing. I decided to get my head down for a well deserved sleep for a couple of hours. Later that night is was out into Le Mans for drinks and food Le Mans didn’t disappoint both where excellent. On Sunday we headed to the track to watch the action what a fantastic race you’ve got to admire those lads that do endurance racing keep the pace both day and night. We headed back to the hotel to watch the end of the race so as not missing anything fantastic result. That night out for food and a few drinks very nice. Monday morning I loaded up my bike to head back home leaving hotel at 9.30 am and arriving back home for 6.15 pm what a quick enjoyable weekend.
    So a long wait now till September for the Bol Dor 24 hours race will be a new experience never been to Circuit Paul Rickard can’t wait


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