My 2023 holiday plans (updated)

Well here we go cos I want this to be a GREAT year following the awful COVID stop and all the rest, not to mention the UKs STUPID Brexit own goal and Putin the invader. So a quick recap and then a new date is added as follows,

  1. Firstly I went to the very wet UK in March with my trusty Merc Vito van. I planned the dates around Nick Sanders as he visited Alf England Motorcycles on the 18th of March. I travelled with DFDS ferries (they were excellent) and I crossed on a flexible ticket as I cannot predict exactly what time I get to Calais as it is about 1900km (so 2 days) from my lovely garage in Tramonti!! I was super lucky as for the first time I stayed one night in Calais in the lovely Hotel de la Plage ready for an early sailing and wowowow, when I arrived the sea was REALLY angry but the next morning calm. The ship was very well stocked with new small brown bags as the previous 48 hours had been VERY rough, the crew told me.
  2. Next trip was Le Mans for the motorcycle 24 hour WEC race. I booked a room in the lovely Leprince hotel in the city centre and from the hotel to the circuit is not very far. I have previously visited the lovely circuit several times for Moto GP but never for the 24 hour race so this was a great experience. Barnes came for the race weekend (he arrived very cold and wet) and we had loads of beers and laughs as usual!! Due to the cold and very wet weather I went by van (2000 kilometres each way) and luckily we had no strike or fuel problems. GREAT fun.
  3. July we will head to Spain by plane, a week in lovely Estepona, cannot wait!
  4. New entry. Madam just booked a few days on the lovely island of Ischia at the end of August, should be great fun with a group of friends. Ischia is a small island off Naples famous for its thermal baths. The hotel looks stunning.
  5. In September 2022 I visited the Bol D’Or 24 hour race at the Paul Ricard circuit (and I met up with Leon and Ron Haslam and ladies) and wow what amazing fun, I had not visited for many many years so for me 2022 was a fantastic experience which I decided to repeat this year. I have therefore booked a super luxury hotel in Marseille city and I intend to drive there in my Vito van with a bike on board and then visit the track by bike. Old Barnes has also booked to come with a mate, they have a hotel near to the track so we will meet and have some good French beers for sure.



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3 thoughts on “My 2023 holiday plans (updated)

    1. Perhaps the most famous regular Ischia visitor is the ex German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her husband, they LOVE the place and are frequent visitors.


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