My Honda CRF250 comes alive!!

I have been working hard on my lovely little CRF. This weekend I fitted a rear carrier which is super handy as I had nowhere to keep anything on my daily travels between Amalfi and my garage in Tramonti so a rucksack was essential. I bought this rear rack in the UK recently and the quality is excellent, the fitting was simple EXCEPT that I had to trim the spacers cos otherwise I could not refit the saddle!! This makes the little bike much more handy, I must be careful to not overload the rack which is rated at about 10kgs I think but I do not intend to fit a rear box cos in my view they are very ugly indeed.

The real news however is not the rack but the exhaust. I purchased a lovely Arrow end pipe recently but I only got round to fitting it this weekend. A few months ago I sent off the ECU to have it retuned and wow that made a massive difference but the tune was designed to work best with an aftermarket air filter (I have a BMC ready to fit) and an aftermarket end can. The tune was also designed to richen the fuel air mix because the bikes are tuned to run SOOOOOO lean so that they pass the crazy emissions regulations. The Honda was fun from day one but required constant gearchanges and had very little torque due to this very lean running, this was improved massively with the tune.

NOW I can say that the bike is transformed and runs as perhaps is should have done before the stupid emissions regs. The OEM exhaust I removed was very heavy as well as fairly rusty due to the salt used on the roads in the UK. The Arrow end can and link pipe fitted almost perfectly and the sound is magnificent, not too loud but more throaty then the OEM. And the bike is so much better to ride cos she now has MUCH more pulling power than before so gear changes become less frequent.

So a fine little bike has become a great little fun bike!!! News flash, this week she is returning 31 kilometres per litre which for the Brits is about 70mpg, happy days!!


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