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This old car certainly keeps me on my toes..never a dull moment

Blimey. What a challenge. I love this S4 to death BUT she is very demanding for sure. Only two months ago I was really enjoying her after the bloody lockdown and then the steering suddenly became very heavy indeed, Charles Atlas was needed to turn the wheel. Ah I thought, the hydraulic oil needs topping up, so I topped her up. But, the new oil finished on the floor below the car. Mmmm.

My trusty mechanic had a look at the car and again topped up the oil. That new oil was almost immediately thrown on the floor so he understood that there was a problem. Upon further investigation he discovered that the high pressure pipe which takes the oil from the steering pump was split, so of course needed replacing. I was sent to order the parts plus 3L of Audi hydraulic oil, all arrived a few days later.

Well long story short, the rat took more than 6 bloody weeks to get round to sorting the car and even then only when I issued some threats he finally “got round” to the S4. Almost as a favour, cos he only wanted 100 Euro for the work, I paid directly for the parts and they were only perhaps 200 Euro. So the old S4 and I are back on the road and the steering feels WONDERFUL again. But I need to sort out an electrical problem cos the new battery discharged in only a few weeks grrrrrrr.

More to follow, for sure…..but the car is lovely!!!