Amalfi boat rental, WHAT fun!!!

This week (June) Amalfi is busy, to say the least. Full to bursting would be more precise. We 3,000 residents welcome perhaps “welcome” 30k visitors per day, usually in the peak months of July and August whereas this year the rush started in March and shows no sign of letting up. Some family members cameContinue reading “Amalfi boat rental, WHAT fun!!!”

Pizza and pasta, Italian food for dummies

Since I have lived in Italy I have always enjoyed and appreciated the food that we have here and the Italians (almost) take for granted. And each time visitors come from the UK I am reminded that the variety and the quality of the food and drink that we have in Italy is truly exceptionalContinue reading “Pizza and pasta, Italian food for dummies”

A truly horrific accident in Ravello….very sad. But it could have been so much worse..

Last week the beautiful Italian town of Ravello experienced an horrific road accident which just by chance resulted in the death of “only” one young driver whereas it could have been 30 or more deaths or injuries. Let me explain. Ravello is 350m above sea level and very close to the town of Amalfi. RavelloContinue reading “A truly horrific accident in Ravello….very sad. But it could have been so much worse..”

Dinner in the Saracena Tower in Amalfi, part of Hotel Luna Convento

This week I was invited to dinner in the lovely Saracena Tower which is across the road from the Hotel Luna Convento and above the stunning Hotel swimming pool. I had eaten in the Tower a few years ago and the place and the view and atmosphere were magic whereas the food was so soContinue reading “Dinner in the Saracena Tower in Amalfi, part of Hotel Luna Convento”

My Honda CRF250 comes alive!!

I have been working hard on my lovely little CRF. This weekend I fitted a rear carrier which is super handy as I had nowhere to keep anything on my daily travels between Amalfi and my garage in Tramonti so a rucksack was essential. I bought this rear rack in the UK recently and theContinue reading “My Honda CRF250 comes alive!!”

An amazingly busy holiday season is already happening in Amalfi!!

We have come through the worst of the terrible COVID lockdowns and we hope to come to the end of the horrible battle in Ukraine. The world was locked down for 2 years ish and so there is now a massive pent up demand for travel and holidays. Add to this mix the fact thatContinue reading “An amazingly busy holiday season is already happening in Amalfi!!”

My 2023 holiday plans (updated)

Well here we go cos I want this to be a GREAT year following the awful COVID stop and all the rest, not to mention the UKs STUPID Brexit own goal and Putin the invader. So a quick recap and then a new date is added as follows, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience

The City of Le Mans is stunning with a beautifully preserved old town full of bars and eating houses. Our Hotel LePrince was also a great discovery inside a renovated area of the town with several bars and attractions as well as an art exhibition and a wellness spa attached to the hotel. And theContinue reading “Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience”

Le Mans 24 hours here we come (but the weather is not looking good)

Well it is almost time to head north for the wonderful Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle race. Of course the car race is more famous but I much prefer 2 wheeled racing so bikes for me! The car race uses the full circuit so some national roads must be closed, whereas the bike race usesContinue reading “Le Mans 24 hours here we come (but the weather is not looking good)”