Services moves to purchase a property

We have recently been studying the property market in the Amalfi coast area. To be more precise, inland near the coast where the prices are more reasonable, given that we are not looking for a holiday home with sea view. The ideal property may be a small detached or semi detached house/villa with some land,Continue reading “Services moves to purchase a property”

The stunning beauty of Sicily by motorbike…

The word Sicily evokes a range of thoughts and emotions in most travellers. Most of us know something of its amazing history which dates back to the Greeks and continues through Roman, Norman, Islamic and Byzantine periods up to it becoming part of the Italian state only some 150 years ago.┬áThe word Mafia is invariablyContinue reading “The stunning beauty of Sicily by motorbike…”

Italy is a beautiful country with great weather, so much to explore….

I use a motorbike (this is my lovely Yamaha XJR1300) all year round and even the softies can use 2 wheels for some 10 months of the year, only December and January are cool and wet usually. I love to explore Italy and the bike is a great way to get around. I can supplyContinue reading “Italy is a beautiful country with great weather, so much to explore….”