A trip from Amalfi to the Midlands (UK) and back, by Vito van…

Well, the fiendish plan was to take my beloved 2015 Yamaha TMax scooter plus my sweet 2013 Honda CB500 back to the UK and to collect my brand new Yamaha TMax 530DX which was waiting for me at Alf England (www.alfengland.co.uk). Yamaha have just launched the TMax 560 so many dealers were caught with stockContinue reading “A trip from Amalfi to the Midlands (UK) and back, by Vito van…”

The (fast) ride home…

Well I collected my beautiful new Yamaha MT10SP last week in the Midlands from Alf England and I then rode her home to Amalfi. You need a day to ride through France and then another to cover Italy, on a bike you MUST take yer time and allow for weather, tiredness, traffic and all ofContinue reading “The (fast) ride home…”

Another rapid van trip through Europe…

Last week I headed north, destination the UK where I was due to deliver 2 motorbikes to my favourite bike shop where they would be sold. So I prepared my trusty Mercedes Vito van, checking the tyres plus oil and water and packing the 2 bikes snugly into the rear, luckily they are both slimContinue reading “Another rapid van trip through Europe…”

Motorcycle road safety courses for all….in English or Italian.

I have been buying, repairing and riding motorcycles since I was 14, and I still learn something every time I go for a ride. Whilst a car is relatively easy to drive at least from A to B, a bike is really complex and totally not easy to ride also because it will fall overContinue reading “Motorcycle road safety courses for all….in English or Italian.”

European deliveries for you….I have the superb Vito 3.0L van plus a twin-axle car trailer

We can help with transport in Europe

Another UK trip

Given that all of my bikes are UK registered I travel frequently between Italy and the UK. Sometimes by bike (if the travel is in the spring or summer months so the weather is good) and sometimes by trusty Vito van with a bike or two onboard. I love both travelling and France, so theContinue reading “Another UK trip”