You like art, history and ceramics? Look here….

Go to have a look at the blogs, you must have the site in English…..and look at these wonderful ceramics, all from the local area around Amalfi…..the hotel has organized a display inside the hotel for the season as well as some events when artists will be invited to show their works and presentContinue reading “You like art, history and ceramics? Look here….”

We offer services that others don’t……

Ok so you know that Italy offers alot, from culture to weather, from nature to food. But you are not sure how to get there and find things and have them explained in English??? Fancy visiting the Ducati factory and museum in Bologna?? Or the Bimota factory in Rimini?? Perhaps the Ferrari factory and museum?Continue reading “We offer services that others don’t……”

Italy is a beautiful country with great weather, so much to explore….

I use a motorbike (this is my lovely Yamaha XJR1300) all year round and even the softies can use 2 wheels for some 10 months of the year, only December and January are cool and wet usually. I love to explore Italy and the bike is a great way to get around. I can supplyContinue reading “Italy is a beautiful country with great weather, so much to explore….”

Welcome to all, time for me to explain…….

Dear All, Ok this has been a long time coming but as last I am ready to start working!! I am Simon Fowler, I am from the UK and I have lived and worked in Roma (Italy) for a long time, more than 20 years. Over those 20 years I have travelled extensively for myContinue reading “Welcome to all, time for me to explain…….”