Has mighty Honda lost the plot (a bit)??

I have always liked and admired Honda bikes ever since I was a kid, at 14 I bought a rather tired 50cc Cub for riding in the fields (it snapped in half and I had to get the frame welded back togather by our local Smithie). I had a 1978 Honda 750 Four K6 andContinue reading “Has mighty Honda lost the plot (a bit)??”

The Honda CB1000R, what a lovely bike!

I bought my 2018 Honda CB1000R two years ago during lockdown and thus I have used her very little so far. In the UK this model never had great success and thus the value for money was amazing, I paid less than 7k Pounds for this lovely example with only 13k kms on the clockContinue reading “The Honda CB1000R, what a lovely bike!”