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I am Simon, I am English and I live between Roma and Amalfi in Italy. I have lived in Italy since 1990 and I speak reasonable Italian and French, plus some English!!

I love travelling and exploring, I have worked in Export Sales for more than 30 years which has taken me all over the world, and I like nothing better than travelling around Italy and Europe by car, van or motorbike alone or with friends.

I know Italy fairly well and I love to help others to discover the beauty of Italy and to avoid the many pitfalls. Many visitors love Italy but do not really know how to avoid the difficult bits, as the language and the mentality is very different from the American and North European “norms”.

I also have a small fleet of vehicles that I can rent out to the right people or can use to transport you around. You fly into Roma and wanna get to the Amalfi Coast?? I can take you. You need to transport you and/or your luggage around between hotels? Call me. You wanna try a motorcycle experience?? I can supply a touring bike with a satnav in English all ready to go. You wanna visit the Ducati or Ferrari factory?? No problem. You need a route for a 3 day visit to Sicily or Sardinia? I can supply it.

Here follow some blogs to give you a taste of the Italian experience. Thanks!!


A week takeover of the lovely Aurora Hotel, Amalfi. October 20-27th 2018

Ok so here is the master plan so far:

  1. I have asked her indoors if I can book the whole hotel PLUS the 3 apartments for the whole week, and (so far so good) she said yes. Poor woman. This event is by personal invitation only and is NOT open to the general public BUT we do plan to run similar events in the future.
  2. I therefore have 28 rooms in the hotel to host my “guests”, plus the 3 apartments if required.
  3. My idea is to offer the lucky chosen few an “all-in package price” for the week to include almost everything, B&B plus some happy hours and even some meals too.
  4. I am looking to organise a wide range of activities, events and visits for the week and everyone will be able to select say 3 activities. Additional events (if we can arrange them) will be charged but more or less at cost.
  5. I will rent a minibus for the week so that we can provide all local transport free. I suggest that you try to come either by motorbike (free safe parking under the hotel) or by public transport, cos a car will cost you about 30 Euro per dayfor parking!!! From Roma the best way is train to Salerno (2 hours door to door) and then either bus, ferry or minibus to Amalfi centre. The hotel is then only a 10 minute stroll.
  6. I need to plan carefully so I need your yes or no asap please and I will then ask you for a non-refundable deposit for every room, to ensure that you will really come.
  7. We will organise trips to Pompei, Caserta, Thermal Baths and Underground Naples for sure. Other activities will be organised depending on the weather we have that week, for instance a boat trip and motorcycle testing. My Raptor 700 Quad and TMax 530 will be available.

More to follow very soon, watch this space………

Ok so how can I help you to discover Italy and the Italian way of life…lets see a few examples

So how about you wanna fly into Roma, and then spend a week in beautiful Amalfi and a few days exploring Roma?

Or perhaps you fly into Roma and you fancy exploring the areas of Abruzzo and Umbria. Or you really want to visit Tavullia and see the famous Valentini Rossi ranch???

Or you really fancy visiting the Ducati factory in Bologna, and or the Bimota factory in Rimini, or you would like to see one or more of the Italian race circuits Mugello, Vallelunga, Misano, Monza or others. You fancy some cooking classes, or you would love to see some Italian wine makers or olive oil producers. Maybe you and your partner want to follow two different programs??

Well it could work like this:

You tell me what you need, you give me an idea of the proposed itinerary plus some idea of the hotels you fancy (look on so I have an idea of the level of hotels you fancy). Tell me how many are in your party and I can work out the rest. Collection from the airport (Roma has two, Ciampino and Fiumicino), then I can take you to your hotel. Then collect you and take you around Italy, and of course I speak Italian so I can help.

Call or text or whatsapp me on +39 333 8153190 or email me on

A fascinating visit to a historic ceramic factory on the Amalfi Coast

Vietri sul Mare is perhaps the most famous town for ceramic tiles in the Naples area of Campania, perhaps one of the most famous in Italy. But the surrounding area, not just the town, still manufacture tiles and other ceramics using the traditional methods.

I went recently with Daniela to a local ceramic factory in Cava to choose the new tiles for their next hotel room restoration. The factory is a truly amazing place where the tile decorations are made totally by hand. The Aurora Hotel in Amalfi was built in 1959 using these tiles in every room, with different patterns and colours in each bedroom, and this is one way that the hotel continue to support the local economy, to keep their traditions alive and to offer their guests a real taste of traditional Amalfi Coast life.

Feast your eyes on this amazing factory, the workers and the products. Amazing.

Call or text or whatsapp me on +39 333 8153190 or email me on


Amalfi out of season, and all of her traditions

IMG-20151129-WA0000 IMG-20151128-WA0000








Amalfi is truly stunning. Historical and beautiful, it clings onto the amazing coastline and uses every square metre available. To park a car in Amalfi costs you about 30 euro per day, as the parking spaces are very limited and demand well exceeds the supply.

During the peak season which lasts from Easter or April through to October (as the weather is generally very mild), the town of 3000 residents becomes host to 20 or even 30,000 visitors per day. The crowds come by bus or coach or minibus, by ferry, by car and by any other means available. The 2 main car parks are full by about 10am. Massive cruise ferries unload  thousands of folks at a time, either into the port of Naples or by a fleet of small boats from the sea, anchored off Amalfi.

All of this in the summer heat is well, very tough.

I suggest to visit Amalfi out of season. You can appreciate all of its history and beauty and avoid the heat and the stress. Depending on the weather, but this year November was very warm and December still sees some folks swimming in the sea and enjoying the warm sea, 16 degrees and sunshine, some of the attractions are indoor (the cathedral, many churches, the ship museum and so on) whilst the rest of the attractions are al fresco.

Some of the hotels and restaurants close and some remain open so you can still eat and sleep well, and costs are also more reasonable. And the locals are much more friendly and have time to chat as they are less under pressure, of course.

See Amalfi out of season and enjoy.

Call or text or whatsapp me on +39 333 8153190 or email me on



Artists at work….

I was recently lucky enough to witness and to help two Italian artists at work. Alessandro Vasari is a descendant of the well known Vasari family and you can read the history of his family here His assistant for the weekend was graphic artist Valeria Lemmi, also from Roma, she frequently works with Alessandro on various of his projects.

They were visiting the Aurora Hotel in Amalfi to capture a series of photographs of the inside and the outside of the hotel, to be used to renew the hotel’s web site as well as to be used for related publicity and publications. The weather was (finally) good for the weekend of the 1st of June, here follow a few pictures of the weekend and hopefully the resulting photographs will soon be available on the hotel’s web site

P1040417 P1040415 P1040412 P1040397 P1040399 P1040395 P1040390 P1040392 P1040387 P1040385 P1040380

A beautiful, peaceful hotel garden in the heart of busy Amalfi

Look at these pictures, they kind of talk for themselves. I was recently visiting the Hotel Aurora and I was told that they had recently renewed their gardens. So what, I asked?

Well, they serve the breakfast in the garden (when the weather allows), so it is worth a look, I was told. And they were correct……they have created a beautiful sanctuary where you can sit and rest and have a coffee and just watch the world go by, mainly by boat as the terrace overlooks the sea. A truly magic place. well worth a visit.

DSCN1787 DSCN1786 DSCN1785

You like art, history and ceramics? Look here….

Go to have a look at the blogs, you must have the site in English…..and look at these wonderful ceramics, all from the local area around Amalfi…..the hotel has organized a display inside the hotel for the season as well as some events when artists will be invited to show their works and present them to the hotel guests and visitors. Truly wonderful even for a fellow like me with not such a deep knowledge of ceramics, to say the least….

DSCN1775 DSCN1779 DSCN1778 DSCN1777 DSCN1771 DSCN1768 DSCN1767

A new venture, to aid anyone to experience and to enjoy Italy

DSCN0730Most folks love almost all that Italy can offer.

Italy is said to possess more than 60% of the historic art and buildings of the world. All of us know of the Roman Colleseum, the Roman Forum, the Uffizi in Florence and of course Venice, the (almost) floating museum. The Amalfi coast is stunning too and Naples offers sooo much.

But? Well the main but is perhaps the language, and that leads to the second which is the er inventiveness of some Italians when dealing with non-Italian speakers. You wanna see wine made? Or perhaps pasta? Or limoncello?? No worries.



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