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Artists at work….

I was recently lucky enough to witness and to help two Italian artists at work. Alessandro Vasari is a descendant of the well known Vasari family and you can read the history of his family here His assistant for the weekend was graphic artist Valeria Lemmi, also from Roma, she frequently works with Alessandro onContinue reading “Artists at work….”

The stunning beauty of Sicily by motorbike…

The word Sicily evokes a range of thoughts and emotions in most travellers. Most of us know something of its amazing history which dates back to the Greeks and continues through Roman, Norman, Islamic and Byzantine periods up to it becoming part of the Italian state only some 150 years ago. The word Mafia is invariablyContinue reading “The stunning beauty of Sicily by motorbike…”

A beautiful, peaceful hotel garden in the heart of busy Amalfi

Look at these pictures, they kind of talk for themselves. I was recently visiting the Hotel Aurora and I was told that they had recently renewed their gardens. So what, I asked? Well, they serve the breakfast in the garden (when the weather allows), so it is worth a look, I was told. And theyContinue reading “A beautiful, peaceful hotel garden in the heart of busy Amalfi”

So you like thermal baths? Look…

See this web site: These wonderful, historic baths are near Pozzuoli, about 2 hours drive south from Roma. The baths are for the local people and as a visitor you can only gain access by staying at a local hotel as you become “resident” for a day and then you can go, paying about 30Continue reading “So you like thermal baths? Look…”

A few helpful hints for visitors to Roma, the Eternal City

Some general points. The spring and autumn seasons are usually warm in Roma so wear light materials (cotton) but bear in mind that you must be covered to enter St Peters and the Vatican City, as well as most churches. Light showers are possible. Summer is hot and sometimes very hot. Roma has a large populationContinue reading “A few helpful hints for visitors to Roma, the Eternal City”