LOVELY local animals, strays and semi strays

I have loved animals since I was a kid, my parents loved dogs so we always had two or three as we lived in a house with a big garden next door to a farm so the mutts were always free to run and play. At one stage we had William a huge boxer, Shambles a lovely stray sheep dog we adopted (he found us) and then little Joe the poodle who was theer boss and I would take them with me every morning on my paper round and on the way home they had a run round a huge field which they loved and William could keep up with a rabbit but he never caught any, luckily. I think that for him it was just a game.

Fast forward to today and I don’t have a garden so I cannot have a mutt, instead I love to look after and feed several strays and semi strays in the area between Amalfi and Tramonti. I ride and drive frequently to my garage and along the way I meet a variety of lovely hungry mutts and I always seek to take them some nosh, like the lovely Bella below.

I met the mutt below recently and he looked mega hungry so I gave him the food that I had. And by the time I grabbed my phone he had almost finished everything!!


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