The amazing Insinkerator products

Well a few months ago chatting with a good mate in England and visiting his house I discovered the Insinkerator products. Wow, as far as I know these products are made in the USA and are very popular indeed in the State whereas in Europe they seem to sell fewer but in the UK I could buy one at a reasonable price whereas in Italy they cost MUCH more so I ordered a product in the UK. I can only guess that they sell few products in Italy thus the price per unit is higher.

(The American manufacturing company is now part of the massive Whirlpool Group so will surely continue to expand its operations worldwide.).

Our new device is the Insinkertaor Evolution 200 which cost me about 500 Euro but wow what an amazing piece of kit. We had it installed by Walter our genius plumber and this device has really changed our life! Instead of throwing away perhaps 5 bags of food waste per week we now throw only 1 cos the other 4 are taken care of by the device, essentially it is installed under the sink and simply chops up the waste vegetables fruit rind and so on into such small pieces that they are then sent into the water thro the sink waste.

EVERY home should have one of these!! Amazing.


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