My Honda CRF250 comes alive!!

I have been working hard on my lovely little CRF. This weekend I fitted a rear carrier which is super handy as I had nowhere to keep anything on my daily travels between Amalfi and my garage in Tramonti so a rucksack was essential. I bought this rear rack in the UK recently and theContinue reading “My Honda CRF250 comes alive!!”

My 2023 holiday plans (updated)

Well here we go cos I want this to be a GREAT year following the awful COVID stop and all the rest, not to mention the UKs STUPID Brexit own goal and Putin the invader. So a quick recap and then a new date is added as follows, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience

The City of Le Mans is stunning with a beautifully preserved old town full of bars and eating houses. Our Hotel LePrince was also a great discovery inside a renovated area of the town with several bars and attractions as well as an art exhibition and a wellness spa attached to the hotel. And theContinue reading “Le Mans 24 hours – WHAT an amazing experience”

Le Mans 24 hours here we come (but the weather is not looking good)

Well it is almost time to head north for the wonderful Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle race. Of course the car race is more famous but I much prefer 2 wheeled racing so bikes for me! The car race uses the full circuit so some national roads must be closed, whereas the bike race usesContinue reading “Le Mans 24 hours here we come (but the weather is not looking good)”

Coventry Transport Museum

As all British readers will surely know the UK Midland city of Coventry was very heavily bombed during the Second World War. Indeed a verb was born “to Coventry” which means to raze to the ground. The Midlands was a major target (second after London) because it was the UK home of vehicle manufacturing andContinue reading “Coventry Transport Museum”

Nick Sanders, the man his travels and the new film

Oh my goodness, last weekend thanks to Martin and the gang at the best motorcycle shop in the whole world as far as I know Alf England I met and chatted with THE MAN super modest Nick Sanders. World traveller and multiple record holder Nick is currently touring a bunch of UK Yamaha dealers andContinue reading “Nick Sanders, the man his travels and the new film”

Motorcycle downsizing. It comes with advancing “maturity”….ok age

As I become more mature, today’s big bikes are just too powerful for my reactions and my ability, especially the sports bikes which are now making over 200 bhp. I purchased a beautiful 2015 60th Anniversary Yamaha R1 last year as a “last” big bike but she proved far too much for me so IContinue reading “Motorcycle downsizing. It comes with advancing “maturity”….ok age”

Pub ok. Restaurant ok. Hotel sure. Brewery???? My goodness, happy days….

When I visited the UK recently I needed a place to stay for 3 nights in the Midlands. I used to live and work in this area many moons ago so I know my way around fairly well. My mate Barnes said that he knows a local pub/restaurant which has a few rooms so weContinue reading “Pub ok. Restaurant ok. Hotel sure. Brewery???? My goodness, happy days….”

My holiday plans for 2023 yess UPDATED

With fingers firmly crossed that the Russian army do not invade Western Europe and that COVID keeps its very nasty head down, I am busy planning my 2023, following our almost three year long stay- home hiatus. Not strictly true as we escaped in 2022 a bit. Watch this space!!!